Behind-the-Scenes: The Making of Organic & Handcrafted Goods

Behind-the-Scenes: The Making of Organic & Handcrafted Goods

“Realize the political power of your money and spend it with the brands you know are treating their workers and the environment in the best possible way” - Lily Cole (Model & Entrepreneur, Founder of Impossible


At Kuttons, we believe in fashion with a purpose. Our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices goes beyond just the final product you see on our website. We want to take you on a journey behind the scenes, giving you an inside look at the meticulous process that goes into making our organic products. From sourcing the finest organic materials to ensuring fair labor practices and eco-friendly manufacturing, we're proud to share the steps we take to make a difference in the fashion industry.

Sourcing Organic Materials 

Our journey to creating sustainable and organic crafts starts with the selection of materials. We source our natural fabrics from trusted suppliers who share our commitment to environmental and social responsibility. Organic cotton, linen, silk and wool are some of the primary materials we use, and they are grown without the use of harmful pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. These materials are not only gentle on the environment but also safe for the workers involved in the cultivation process. 


Design and Development

In the creation of our products, we embark on a thoughtful design and development journey that not only respects our planet but also honors the craftsmanship of skilled artisans and master weavers. Collaborating with these talented individuals, we work with locally procured natural materials, transforming them into true masterpieces that showcase the rich tapestry of their cultures and traditions. From initial sketches to choosing colors and styles, we aim to provide you with clothing that is not only environmentally conscious but also fashion-forward. Each design is carefully considered to ensure that it aligns with our brand's commitment to both aesthetics and sustainability. 


Sustainable Manufacturing

The soul of our sustainability journey resides in our manufacturing process, where we take great pride in marrying nature's finest materials with the artistry of our skilled artisans. What sets our sustainable manufacturing process apart is our unwavering dedication to preserving time-honored traditions. Every one of our products is meticulously handcrafted by our artisans, who employ traditional techniques passed down through generations. This reverence for the artisanal craft ensures that our products not only embraces the past but also reflects the timeless elegance of authentic, handmade creations.


Fair Labor Practices

At the heart of our brand is an unwavering commitment to fair labor practices that extends beyond our immediate circle, encapsulating our belief in the power of human potential and the importance of giving back to those who make our vision a reality. We firmly believe in treating our workers and artisans with the utmost respect and dignity. This ethos is shared by our manufacturing partners, each of whom is dedicated to ensuring fair wages, safe working conditions, and the ethical treatment of all involved in the creation of our clothing. We recognize that the individuals behind our products are just as crucial as the materials themselves. Their well-being stands at the forefront of our mission. To underline our commitment, 1% of the proceeds from each item sold on our website is earmarked for the welfare of our artisans.


Future Sustainability Goals

Our journey doesn't end here. We're continually setting new sustainability goals and exploring innovative ways to reduce our environmental footprint. We invite you to stay tuned for updates as we work towards a more sustainable and ethical fashion future.



Stepping behind the scenes of our creation process is like uncovering the hidden gems of a treasure trove. Beyond clothing, our offerings include exquisite cushion covers, decorative towels, and more, all crafted with the same dedication to sustainability and artistry. When you choose Kuttons, you're not merely shopping; you're curating a lifestyle that marries elegance with ethics. Each selection tells a story, a testament to your role in shaping a more conscious and stylish world. Together, we stitch a tapestry of positive change, making our planet a cozier, more beautiful place for all.

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