linen luxe collection - women linen tops and dresses
Women's tops and dresses - Italian linen collection

Linen Luxe Collection 💖

Stylish, Meaningful - All Natural, All Handmade. Discover Our New European Linen Dresses & Tops.

Discover handwoven, hand-painted artisanal wraps!

Ethically made. One of a kind. Just like you! 🌺

Sustainable Luxury

Transform your impact with Kuttons—where elegance meets sustainability. Join us to protect the planet with our exquisite, handmade textiles crafted from 100% natural fabrics like cotton, linen, silk, wool, jute, and bamboo. Embrace style that cares—for the planet, for people.

Discover Handcrafted Collections

Scarves, stoles & shawls

For women who appreciate ethnic old-world art.

Breathe Easy with Nature’s Fabrics

Experience the unmatched embrace of nature with our natural fabrics—where comfort meets sustainability. Crafted for the conscious and caring, our fabrics offer breathability, durability, and a gentle touch for sensitive skin, all while being kind to the planet. With their natural moisture-wicking, heat-responsive qualities, and inherent resistance to dirt and mould, these fabrics stand as a testament to eco-friendly luxury. Dive into the world of cotton, linen, and silk; where every thread weaves a healthier future for you and the environment.

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natural fabrics - cotton, linen, silk

Cotton, linen, silk, wool, jute

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